MLD & Detox Treatment

Manual Lymphatic Drainage & Detox

MLD & Detox Treatment is an excellent treatment option for those in good health seeking to enhance their body’s natural process of removing toxins, regulating the nervous system and optimising energy.

It can be very effective, too, as part of weight loss programmes, stimulating the metabolic system and reducing fluid retention. It is also beneficial in detoxification from conditions such as Lyme’s Disease, and can support the elimination of residual medication in our systems, such as steroids, antibiotics, antidepressants.

Our circulatory system is made up of two elements: the lymphatic system (circulating lymph through the body), and the cardiovascular system (circulating blood). When the two work in harmony, fluid retention in the body is minimised and blood cleansing is optimised. In other words, our body becomes as efficient as possible at filtering out the ‘junk’, and absorbing nutrients.

Please note, initial consultation takes place at your first appointment, meaning you will need to allow for a full one hour. All subsequent appointments will be 45 minutes, and a course of sessions is recommended depending on the assessment of your individual needs, in order to allow the body to maximise the benefits of the treatment programme.


MLD & Detox Treatment- Special Therapy Packages

Special pricing is available for clients or patients with frequent therapy needs, if you are in need of daily therapies please contact me.


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