I’ve been visiting Margherita for a quite a while now. She is a wonderful person and is amazing at what she does best: massages…Any kind of massages! Her specialty is MLD….I never had this kind of treatment and it was an incredible experience. Her hands were so light, like a feather, and I felt so relaxed, as I never was before. It’s now one of my favourite treatments. She also treated my son with neck problems. He’s 12 and loves her. After only 3 treatments he already felt a huge improvement. You really need to try it as Margherita has healing hands.
Barbara Huybreghs
I went to see Margherita as i had been looking for MLD therapist that knew what they were doing. I am very fit 44 years old who suffer from RA. MLD Therapy is the one of the few types of massage that someone with my condition can have. It is intact highly recommended. Along with physical stress I had allot of emotional stress . I was very stressed and sleep deprived. After 2 session the effect on me was profound. I have never been so deeply relaxed and was truly able to switch off. Margherita is gifted, the lightest and most sensitive touch. I am so lucky I found her.
Victoria Hinds, Pilates teacher
I booked Margherita for a full body relaxing massage with hot oil. I have never had someone visit my house for this before so was a little apprehensive. Margherita’s easy and smiley nature makes you feel comfortable straight away. She set herself up swiftly and got to work on my extremely over exercised & tense body! I have never had a massage that good before. She expertly worked into every single muscle, working some serious magic on my shoulders, my problem area. She did pressure points around the shoulder blades and some techniques I have never had before. The next day I felt amazing – a definite change. I have never ever left feedback on a website before but had to this time. I’ve always found it very difficult to find a good masseuse in London that can actually make a difference to your physical body and knows their stuff. Margherita is all of these things – I was very tense in my shoulder area and my legs, Margherita read my body very well and eased off where necessary but worked into the areas she could so I got the maximum benefit. Margherita doesn’t just have the technique and strength that a good masseuse needs, she also has great knowledge. I cannot recommend Margherita strongly enough. The final, added bonous is that, for what you get, it is reasonably priced which makes it much more accessible on a regular basis for customers.
Mrs. Linda Mayers, Richmond Hill
Margherita client care is second to no one and she is utterly professional in all aspects of her work. Her tranquility presence and amazing hands calm us all down at the end of a stressful day.
Cassandra Goldsmith, Manager Director
Margherita is a born therapist. Her passion for massage, her warmth as human being, her dedication and professional attitude made her one of my favourite therapist. I will come to see her every time I coming to London.
Dana Wilson, Businesswoman in Hong Kong
As my body rejoiced in Margherita’s extraordinary massages, layer by layer my busy mind learned to relax and let go…I will always make room in my diary to visit Margherita. Each and every time her marvelous treatments reflected her deep commitment to enhancing my well-being. Thank you!
Adriana Korcomick-Mina, Researcher