Margherita Costantino is a highly experienced lymphoedema therapist currently practising at the world famous NHS Royal Marsden Cancer Centre, the world’s first hospital dedicated to cancer. And Maggie’s Cancerkin Centre based in The NHS Royal Free Hospital, London.

Margherita is also a fully qualified and professional massage therapist. She runs Bios Therapy, based in Richmond, London, providing MLD treatments and bespoke massage therapies in a friendly and relaxing environment.

Bios @ Home

Bios @ Home

We provide a mobile massage service for those stressful days when you don't have the energy to leave your home to come to us but need a pair of healing hands.

Everyday life is well known for being incredibly busy and hectic, so we completely understand the need to take time out and unwind. This is why we provide you with our treatments from the comfort and familiarity of your own home, as this is the only place to truly relax and rejuvenate for whatever comes next. This is why services like Bios @ Home have become increasingly popular in big cities around the world, as the need to create relaxing environments becomes more prevalent.

Try our visiting today and see for yourself.

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What our clients say

As my body rejoiced in Margherita’s extraordinary massages, layer by layer my busy mind learned to relax and let go…I will always make room in my diary to visit Margherita. Each and every time her marvelous treatments reflected her deep commitment to enhancing my well-being. Thank you!

Adriana Korcomick-Mina, Researcher

I’ve been visiting Margherita for a quite a while now. She is a wonderful person and is amazing at what she does best: massages…Any kind of massages! Her specialty is MLD….I never had this kind of treatment and it was an incredible experience. Her hands were so light, like a feather, and I felt so relaxed, as I never was before. It’s now one of my favourite treatments. She also treated my son with neck problems. He’s 12 and loves her. After only 3 treatments he already felt a huge improvement. You really need to try it as Margherita has healing hands.

Barbara Huybreghs